I can’t.

worthI recently had a buddy of mine tell me he was “finally happy again” because he met a girl [and by recent I mean this afternoon]. Ugh… I wanted to throw up and punch him in the face all at the same time [luckily I did neither because that would be messy and not very nice]. Don’t get me wrong… I’m thrilled that he met someone that makes his heart flutter because he’s a pretty cool cat but seriously! It drives me to drink when I hear people say that their happiness depends on someone else. I just can’t. How can you be happy with someone else if you can’t be happy with yourself? Have some self-worth people!

I know it’s easy to think that you can’t be happy without your “one true love” and the idea of being without them causes minor heart palpitations but it’s not true. Sure, heartache can significantly impact your life [been there] but just because someone doesn’t want to be with you, doesn’t make you any less of a person [and vice versa]. Don’t let Joe Shmoe from the Poconos make you feel like you’re happiness relies solely on him because it doesn’t! And if he does think that, tell him to kick rocks [preferably a big boulder so he breaks his big toe…jerk].

So to all the ladies out there that think they aren’t pretty because some boy isn’t interested in you, STOP. To the fellas out there that are down in the dumps because some chick blew you off, STOP. You are FABULOUS. You are FUNNY. You are PRETTY. You are worth a million bucks and if someone can’t see that, then it’s their loss – not yours! If you love yourself, the right person will love you for who you are and think know you’re amazing. Please remember that.

Never let someone else’s insignificant opinion of you EVER bring you down. Capiche?

Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now. Ciao for now lovelies!


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