The Fade Effect

fadeHow do you deal with a breakup that’s not really a break up because you were never actually dating each other? I recently found myself in this predicament… It was the type of relationship [and I’m using that term very loosely] that’s kind of like a really nice pair of blue jeans.

When you first see them in the store, you’re intrigued. Then you try them on and you realize they make your ass look fantastic so obviously you have to bring them home with you. Those jeans become your favorite pair of pants and you want to wear them all the time. They get worn in and even more comfortable and your ass still looks fantastic in them. For about a year [give or take], these jeans are your go-to. When all other outfits let you down, you know those jeans are there. They never disappoint and you’re always satisfied with your outfit while wearing them. You know those jeans like the back of your hand. Every stain, tear, and imperfection is familiar to you. Gradually, these jeans will start to fade. There’s nothing you can do to prevent it, it just happens. It’s natural. By now, you’ve most likely bought new jeans that are more in fashion and your old ones get pushed further and further into the back of your closet and you take them out less frequently. One day, when you’re getting ready for the day, you’ll find them again and realize you haven’t worn them in a really long time… unfortunately they just don’t fit anymore. It’s a little sad, a little disappointing, but not completely unexpected.

Yes, I just compared a relationship with a real, live man to a pair of blue jeans, but it totally makes sense… right? Regardless, this relationship was great for the time that it lasted. It was perfect for me at that point in my life. There wasn’t a fight that ended it, no love lost, it just gradually faded away [like a pair of jeans]. No harm, no foul. Sure, I’m a little sad that it’s over for the most part but I’ll always look back at it as a great thing, something I had fun with. Isn’t that the whole point anyways? Not every relationship is meant to last forever. Some people come into your life to teach you something new or show you something completely outside of your norm. That’s what life is all about. Creating new experiences and reflecting on old ones.

I’m sure I’ll cross paths with him again [this area is only so big, you know] and I genuinely look forward to it. Why wouldn’t I? Great guy, great friend, and nothing but great memories. But for now, life goes one.

Ciao for now, lovelies.

Disclaimer: I’m not sad, depressed, or heart broken over this. Bible. I’m perfectly satisfied with my life and the direction it’s going. Besides, if I were sad, that’s what my girlfriends [and wine… and ice cream] are there for, right ladies?



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