15 Random Facts About Me

1. My name is Tyanna. Ty for short.

2. I drive a Jeep Wrangler named Hank. #jeeplife

3. I can wiggle my ears.

4. Cleaning relaxes me.

5. I laugh when I’m uncomfortable.

6. I hate chipped nail polish.

7. I rarely follow through with anything. Except college. I did finish that.

8. I love the Buffalo Bills! #billsmafia

9. I am my own worse enemy.

10. I am crazy competitive. Competition is what motivates me in life.

11. I don’t have a filter and it usually gets me in trouble. I don’t think before I speak the majority of the time.

12. I literally have no sense of direction and can get lost in a circle.

13. I went to a 4 day music festival by myself and it was an amazing experience.

14. I think the sound of people putting lotion on is the worst sound imaginable.

30. This list was supposed to be 30 random facts but I cannot think of anything else… [told you I don’t follow through with things]


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