Pursuit of Happiness

I’m back!

Didja miss me? I know, I know. I missed you, too.

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t blogged in over a year and a half! I wish I could say I’ve been busy doing cool shit but that just isn’t the case. I figure now’s the time to finally share with everyone what I’ve actually been doing.

2016 was a rough year for me [as I’m sure it was for a lot of you, too]. For me, it wasn’t just the political happenings or global events that occurred that brought me pain; it was far worse.

I’ve been battling depression and anxiety.

You know what’s funny about this dirty little secret of mine [besides absolutely nothing]? Most people in my life have NO idea that I’m suffering. Just writing those words gives me anxiety. This is the first time I’ve ever [publicly] written about this and it aiin’t fucking easy.

I’ve dedicated this new year to bettering myself, my life, my relationships, everything. I suppose I’m on the pursuit of happiness. In order to accomplish that, I have to acknowledge the fact that I do in fact suffer from mental health issues. So here it goes:

Hi, I’m Tyannasaurusrex and I suffer from anxiety and depression.

Cue Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness!

Don’t worry… I’ll share more later. Ciao!